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Bakery Style Cakes Menu
Whether you are expecting houseguests, celebrating a perfect round of golf, a promotion, or a low key birthday, our homestyle cakes are the perfect choice. These confections are moist and flavorful and are reminiscent of old family favorites. We make all of our own buttercream & use real Belgian chocolate and very little crisco leaving you with a good balance of flavor and no aftertaste. We have a vanilla buttercream (which is our sweetest,)a white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate & our cream cheese buttercream.
Bakery Style Cake Flavors

Vanilla, Chocolate Marble, Red Velvet
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Mocha Cream Cake
Bananas Foster
Chocolate Mousse
Vanilla & Chocolate Cannoli Cake * Our best seller!

Traditional Bakery Style Cakes
These prices are based on 8" round cakes.
Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble & Red Velvet Cakes with buttercream.
Please see our serving chart.
Premium Bakery Style Cakes
Queen of Cakes
Try our white chocolate cake filled with Belgian white chocolate frosting & toasted almonds. This cake is topped with a white, dark & milk chocolate ganache & adorned with toasted almonds around the sides.
Tied with a Bow
Moist sour cream Chocolate, Vanilla or Marble cake filled with Belgian Milk chocolate buttercream & surrounded with sweet filled tube cookies and topped off with chopped walnuts, shaved chocolate & tied with a ribbon & bow.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Cake
If there is a child in all of us, this cake will surely bring it out! Glorious fudge sits between chocolate peanut butter cake, dressed with a peanut butter cream cheese frosting and chopped peanut butter cups. Also available with vanilla cake, vanilla peanut butter cake or chocolate cake.
Coconut Cake
Reminiscent of the old fashioned ice box cakes, our Coconut Cake is so very moist and loaded with flavor. Filled with our homemade cream cheese coconut buttercream. (Coconut Rum Cake also available)
Chocolate Espresso Cake
No cocoa powder found here! Each layer of this mocha flavored cake is filled with a geneous portion of fresh espresso whipped cream, covered in a shiny chocolate ganache and topped off with chocolate covered espresso beans. What a rush!
Lemon Drop Cake
If you love lemon, look no further! Choose either vanilla, lemon or lemon/lime cake to encase a generous serving of homemade lemon curd. So refreshing and topped with our vanilla buttercream & lemon slice.
Pumpkin Cake
Welcome the newly arrived Fall days with this comforting Pumpkin Cake filled with a brown sugar buttercream. Dressed with walnuts and chocolate drizzle.
Chocolate Bailey's Cake
A very healthy portion of Bailey's Irish Cream makes this chocolate cake a customer favorite! Fill with your choice of frosting, vanilla, chocolate or white chocolate or just dust with powdered confectioners sugar for an any time of day treat.
Almond Joy Cake
Love coconut, chocolate and toasted almonds? This cake is for you! We start with our coconut cake, fill the center with coconut cream cheese frosting, toasted almonds and Belgian milk chocolate, coat the top with either a dark or milk chocolate ganache, coconut and toasted almonds. Tastes just like the candy bar!
Fresh Strawberry Cake
Our Strawberry cake brings you right to the days of summer ... Filled with whipped cream and strawberries and you have a strawberry shortcake or filled with cream cheese buttercream for a more traditional cake. Either way you are sure to make an impression! Finish it off with fresh strawberries and you have a very berry confection!
Carrot Cake
The cake with a fan base! This confection will prove that not all carrot cakes are the same. While some enjoy a very strong spice flavored cake, ours takes a more subtle approach. Packed with more than 3 cups of carrots and filled with cream cheese frosting, it will be our pleasure to test your most skeptical family members.
Red Velvet Cake
The name says it all... deep colored, moist and a true favorite here in the Carolinas! Filled and dressed with the traditional cream cheese frosting.
German Chocolate Cake
Our Chocolate cake is filled with our German chocolate filling that we make from scratch. It is made with generous helpings of coconut & pecans and boiled down to a perfect caramel color and thick consistancy. This cake is coated in chopped pecans - Delicious
Black Forest Cake
Light chocolate cake filled lightly whipped cream & Belgian chocolate buttercream. Topped with cherry filling & chocolate shavings
Chocolate Eclair / Boston Cream Cake
Moist vanilla cake filled with rich homemade vanilla pastry cream and covered in a combination of dark & milk chocolate ganache.
Chocolate Cannoli Cake
The perfect Italian cannoli cream with chocolate chips is placed between our moist chocolate cake, you choose the frosting (Chocolate, vanilla or white chocolate!)
White Chocolate Dream
This white chocolate cake is filled with white chocolate frosting and a light layer of raspberry preserves. Traditional called the Bride's Cake, it is too good to save just for the wedding day!
Almond Lover
Choose almond or vanilla cake and fill it with a homemade cooked almond filling and you have Almond Delight! Similiar to pastry cream consistency this reminds us of bear claw pastry filling and we finish it off with our vanilla buttercream.
Oreo & Cream Cake
We combine Oreo cookies with our chocolate, vanilla or marble cake and fill it with homemade whipped cream with Oreo crumbs folded in. Topped with chocolate ganache or frosting and dressed with whole cookies.
Pear & Pecan Sour Cream Coffee Cake
Although good anytime of year, Fall is our favorite time to enjoy this cake. Fresh pears are added and cooked right in with light additions of cinnamon, nutmeg and pecans. Flavorful and terrific with your morning coffee, we hope you'll enjoy this cake as much as we do! Sold in bundt cake form.
Vanilla Chocolate Chip Pecan Coffee Cake
Affectionally called Frank's cake after a good friend of the family who loved this cake above all others. We bake this in our bundt pan, add just the right amount of chocolate chips, pecans, cinnamon, nutmeg and brown sugar. Gentle in flavor and drizzled with sugar glaze.
Snickerdoodle Cake
For those that love cinnamon and Snickerdoodle Cookies... this vanilla based cake is for you! Filled with either cinnamon or vanilla frosting.
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