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Cupcakes are becoming the new "in" thing!! You'll find these handheld edibles just about everywhere you look. Shown here are just a few samples, but we can accomodate almost any design you like. Prices may vary depending on flavor/design.

Cupcakes are $1.85 each     *Some price changes may apply for special events

Crustless cheesecakes are $2.00 each
Custom Handpiped designs $2.25 each . Minimum order 1 dozen
Custom Image sheets $2.50 per dozen. Minimum order 1 dozen
Decorated with fondant decorations $3.50 & up each (depending on complexity of design)
Shaped fondant covered custom cupcakes (mini fondant cakes) start at $7.00 each
Mini Cupcakes start at: $.85 each or Minimum order 2 dozen

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